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Marijampoles VET Centre

Marijampole VET centre is a modern educational institution, open to positive changes, constantly learning and pursuing to provide a full – scale education, preparing highly qualified specialists, capable of integrating in ever changing Lithuanian as well as European labour market.
Marijampole VET centre was established in 2000. It is the biggest and the only Vocational educational and training centre in the South of Lithuania, taking in all 5 municipalities of Marijampole region. The Centre has departments in Vilkaviškis, Kudirkos Naumiestis and Marijampolė prison.
In 2006 after the accreditation procedure, Marijampole VET Centre was given the status of  technological gymnasium. The centre has Sectoral Practical Training and Agricultural centres. The main task of this establishment is to create possibility to teach using the newest technique and technologies and increase the accessibility of very high quality training services.
At present we have about 1627 students, whose age varies from 15 to over 20. The youth here can acquire basic, secondary as well as professional education, which encompasses more than 23 professions. They are: cook, waiter-bertender, florist, tailor, decorator (builder), automechanic, land-reclamation worker, road building and maintenance worker, driver of transport, worker of technical maintenance, IT specialist, carpenter (joiner), secretary, hairdresser, nursing assistant, food industry worker, painter-plastering assistant, mechatronics, warehouse operator, metalworking machine operator, forwarden, shop assistant, social work assistant specialties. The centre has the opportunity to teach and help obtain a vocational qualification for the disabled persons.
The main activity of the centre is vocational education and training of young people, but we are involved in adult (or unemployed) training and re-training as well. The centre provides a good opportunity to acquire A, B, C, CE category driving license, tractor driver‘s and other qualification certificates.
The teaching staff consists of 151 persons, 102 of which are profession teachers and 49 – general subjects‘ teachers. The psychologist, social pedagogues, health care specialist take care of students‘ social and psychological safety.
Marijampole VET centre has been taking active part in international projects for 20 years. It has implemented more than 100 various projects such as Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+ programmes, EU Structural Funds projects and achieved good results in managing them. Marijampole VET Centre has partners in almost all countries of the EU and is a member of EfVET.
Students can take part in non-formal activities, there are 13 clubs, the students’ council is acting efficiently.
Our centre has two cosy and warm hostels for students coming from different parts of Lithuania and guests from abroad as well.
For the safety of students the centre is watched by cameras from inside and outside.
The centre has a Dendrological park where more than one hundred various and rare trees, bushes, creepers are growing up in it. This park is exclusive and unique in all Lithuania.
Mr. Gražvydas Juodišius is the Director Marijampole Vocational and Education Training Centre.

Kaunas str. 117, Marijampole
LT-68223 Lithuania
Tel.+370 343 68640

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